Portable nuclear radiation detector RJ31-1155


Portable nuclear radiation detector is used for monitoring of X-ray, γ-ray and β-ray in nuclear power plants, accelerators, isotope applications, industrial X and γ nondestructive testing, radiotherapy (iodine, technetium, strontium), cobalt source therapy, γ irradiation, radioactive laboratory, renewable resources and environmental monitoring around nuclear facilities etc.

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  • Ultra-thin for portable carry, large viewing angle liquid crystal display, precise measurement, multiple alarm modes, one-key operation of the whole machine.
  • 30×40mm large viewing angle LCD display, one-key operation, easy to use.
  • Cumulative nuclear radiation dose and dose rate are measured at the same time, and the measuring units are automatically switched.
  • Automatically save the cumulative dose and cumulative start date, and save the instrument data for a long time after power failure.
  • Alarm function of cumulative dose, dose rate and residence time, and stores the alarm information.
  • The alarm thresholds of nuclear radiation dose rate and cumulative dose can be preset, and the alarm modes such as mute, light and silence can be set.
  • Low power consumption design, indicating the battery state.
  • Built-in fault detection, dose rate overload alarm and protection functions.
  • Comply with GB/T 13161-2003 Standard.


Model RJ31-1155 Portable nuclear radiation detector
Measurement range dose rate 0.01 SV/h ~ 150 MSV/h, cumulative dose 0 SV ~ 9999 MSV
Energy range 40keV~3.0MeV
Energy response ≤ 30% (relative to 137Cs) (optional)
Relative inherent error ≤ 15%
measuring time According to the nuclear ray intensity
Alarm threshold 0.5, 1.0/2.5 ... 500 (SV/h)
Alarm response time ≤2 seconds
Display unit dose rate (Sv/h or mSv/h or Sv/h) and cumulative dose (SV or mSv or SV)
Power supply One AAA battery
Dimension 96 x 65 x 18mm
Weight 62g