Area nuclear radiation monitor RJ21


Area nuclear radiation monitor RJ21 monitors the X and γ rays in radioactive places online and in real time. It is composed of a monitoring controller and several detectors. RS485 industrial control bus is used for communication connection between the controller and the detector, and wireless network communication connection can also be used. Display the dose rate of each detection point in real time.

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  • The controller adopts high-speed embedded microprocessor, LED liquid crystal display, humanized touch screen input, wall-mounted and desktop (optional) real-time sampling of the controller, and the data can be quickly processed and refreshed every second.
  • The standard RS485 interface solves the problems of unreliable communication, insufficient transmission distance and numerous communication cables of similar instrument manufacturers.
  • The network communication mode can realize the wireless communication between the controller and the detector, between the controller and various devices, and between the controller and the upper computer. The network is reliable and stable.
  • Global networking by GPRS or Internet (optional)
  • The abnormal status sound and light alarm mode can be pre-set.
  • Store over-threshold alarm and abnormal alarm records.
  • Comply with GB/T 13161-2003 Standard.


Model RJ21 Area nuclear radiation monitor
Probe model Probe type Dose rate range Energy response Ray detection
RJ21-1155 GM-705 0.10μSv/h~150mSv/h 40keV~3.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-1304 GM-302 0.01μSv/h~30mSv/h 40keV~3.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-1503 GM-305 0.01μSv/h~5mSv/h 40keV~3.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-3602(H) NaI (30*25mm) 1nSv/h~1.2mSv/h 40keV~3.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-3602(F) NaI (30*25mm) 1nSv/h~1.5mSv/h 40keV~3.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-3202(H) NaI (50*50mm) 1nGy/h~400μGy/h 40keV~5.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-3202(F) NaI (50*50mm) 1nGy/h~500μGy/h 40keV~5.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-2102(H) Scintillation (76*90mm) 1nGy/h~100μGy/h 25keV~10.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-2302(H) Scintillation (75*75mm) 1nGy/h~150μGy/h 25keV~5.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-2302(F) Scintillation (75*75mm) 1nGy/h~200μGy/h 25keV~5.0MeV X、γ
RJ21-7105Li6 6LiF 0.01μSv/h~100mSv/h 0.025eV~20MeV n
RJ21-7105He3 3He 0.01μSv/h~100mSv/h 0.025eV~20MeV n