SinoDevices Company Profile

SinoDevices provides advanced optical technology that precisely measures the elements of color and light. Our products have become a staple in research and manufacturing environments, helping organizations to meet product quality and operational goals with less waste, time, and effort. This commitment to creating value for customers is the core principle behind the Konica Minolta brand, and has led us to develop the world’s first portable spectrophotometer and the first light meter used on board a spacecraft (Apollo 8). It’s also the driving force behind the high level of quality and precision built into each of our products and why we’re regarded as the technological leader in color and light measurement solutions today.

SinoDevices offers Konica Minolta, DataColor, OnColor and Chinese color measurement solutions. We are dedicated to providing quality, performance, and value. Please read the statements about our products quality, warranty and the copy right of our all products.