How to measure the color of Peanut Butter?

Foods have colors. Ripe tomatoes are red, broccoli is green, and peanut butter is brown. Peanut Butter comes in a variety of textures, but it’s almost always the same shade of brown. This is because color makes up an essential aspect of the standard the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grades peanut butter on. Konica Minolta CR-400/410 speeds up the color evaluation process on peanut butter while at the same time making the process more consistent and less subjective.

butter color measurement

Using the CR-400/410 Chroma Meter to assist their measurements. No matter which stage of the process the peanuts are in, they can now quickly evaluate their color and no longer need special viewing conditions to accurately analyze them. Employees fill petri dishes with peanut butter and put them on top of the Konica Minolta Sensing instrument for measurements. The CR-400/410 shows its results in a single number, which match up with the USDA Grades A, B or sub-standard. A report can then be printed for each batch.